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Electrical Doner Machine With Front Glass Resistance Stove AED4

Electrical Doner Machine With Front Glass Resistance Doner Stove AED4

AED4 Electrical Doner Machine Front With Glass Resistance Doner Stove
With Resistance Doner Stove Works with Electricity Doner Machine

Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Heater Resistance Block 4 Units
Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Height 95.5 cm
Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Width 53 cm
Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Depth 60 cm
Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Weight 27 kg

Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Working Voltage 380 V/50 Hz.
Electrical Doner MachineÔÇÖs Electric Spending 5.6 Kw
Doner MachineÔÇÖs Total Efficient Doner Capacity Doner Meat between 50 and 80 Kgs.
Cooker Radians Block and between Doner Meat there is thermal glass of ROBAX Color S
Doner MachineÔÇÖs has two leveled slow and fast cooking temperature options
Doner MachineÔÇÖs sitting place has under sledge.(Doner meat comes closer to the resistances)
Doner MachineÔÇÖs Adjustable Doner skewer according to the doner amount you will put
Like in Burning Resistance Block same gas doner stoves,(like 1 radiant separate 2 radiant separate 3 radiant together burning) you can fire up resistance blocks independently according to your doner amount.

Electrical Doner Stove; Stainless Steel body AISI-304 Quality Cr-Ni Metal, Is Stainless
With Hygienic structure and security precautions it is a useful device with long life-span.
Ergonomic and class design

Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the device.
Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749

You can reach use from number 0212 2370759 for your broken doner machine ort to call maintenance service for your machine.

This electrical doner kebab machine; Doner Canteens, Doner restaurants, iskender kebab makers can make delicious doner kebab and present to their customers.

It is known that some municipalities ban gas doner machine because they claim they are giving harm so in these areas kebab makers doner sellers canteens can use this electrical doner machine comfortably to present their customer doner kebab. You can  call 0212 2370749